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Wolf Plumbing & Maintenance is a group of individuals destined to assist you on all your handyman needs like: Geyser repairs and replacements; Broken drains; Burst and Leaking Pipes; Septic Tanks and French Drain Installations; General Electrical works; DIY maintenance; Boreholes and Pressure Pumps and Construction Plumping. We also have a team to clear out trees on premises and construction sites.

Plumbing & Maintenance.

While a drainage system seem simple to "plumb" around, there's more to it, your house have vents, traps, and clean gutters. The vents sticking up from the roof of your house allow air to enter the drainpipes. If there were no air supply coming from the vents, wastewater would not flow out properly and the water in the traps would need to be siphoned away.

Leak Detection.

Wolf Plumbing & Maintenance have leak detection equipment that can quickly and accurately find the source of leaks. What is that? Ground microphones or listening discs are acoustic listening devices that a plumber uses to find leaks. Also, an acoustic amplifier can be used to amplify the sound of plumbing leaks that may be too quiet to hear. This makes us faster than anyone else.

Drain Systems.

Whether your home is on a sewer or septic system, the systems within your home are essentially the same. Drainage systems do not depend on pressure, as supply systems do. Instead, waste matter leaves your house because the drainage pipes all pitch, or angle, downward. Gravity pulls the waste along. The sewer line continues this downward flow to a sewage treatment facility or a septic tank. You need our expertise to check your drainage system regularly.

Tree Felling.

Wolf Plumbing & Maintenance has a team of professional tree fellers who are eager to dismantle problematic trees in highly styled fashion using the industry's latest technology and techniques. We have a quality workmanship that is certified, experienced and also insured. We do tree pruning; stump removal; hedge trimming; tree chipping; site clearance and palm tree pruning. We offer over our services in Mpumalanga.

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Water Filtration System

Table-top water Filter

Water purified by this system can be used for drinking, cooking, household plants

Fits under your kitchen counter compactly and is user-friendly to install. | Replacement cartridges are changed easily and hassle-free. Great tasting water, improved taste to warm beverages and food. | Softens water and removes chlorine. | It does not waste any water.

It does not alter the pH of water.

Whole house water filtration system

3 Stage Big Blue Water Filtration System With 25W UV Sterilizer, Sediment Filters & GAC Filter (Whole House, 20 Inch) Steel Bracket. | Purify the water supply to every tap in your house with a flow rate of ± 1360 litres per hour. | Removes unwanted particles such as sand, rust, mud, and chlorine from your water. | Improves taste, colour and odour of water. | Installs easily & neatly against a wall, either in the garage or outside in a shaded covered area

Under counter water filter

Best Value Under - Counter Filter

The Definitive Water 5-stage UF filter offers an excellent - value filtration option for users looking for a basic system that also offers excellent water filtration and no water waste. The system consists of a sediment, granular carbon and carbon block filter as pre - treatment and then an Ultra - Filtration membrane which filters down to 0.2 microns to remove bacteria and parasites.


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