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Nelspruit, ,South Africa
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Construction projects have tight schedules and even tougher supplier standards to meet, including time-sensitive deliveries. The last thing you need is your building materials late or damaged..

RT Transport manages and coordinates with your team for total freight and inventory management of building materials. We schedule your deliveries to construction sites throughout the Mpumalanga area.

We all run on deadlines. It’s how our industries are measured, and often, how success is defined. As a builder or distributor, if your materials are not delivered on time with no damage, this can take a serious toll on your deadlines and ultimately your profitability.

As a freight company, we partner with builders, suppliers, and distributors to deliver their building materials on time, in shape, every time.

Get your materials at the right place, at the right time by using the transportation partner you can trust, RT Transport.

Our Quality

All of our staff, from administration to the team behind the steering wheel, are completely qualified and insured.

Our equipment is regularly maintained and updated, our staff continually up skilled, our systems refined, and our customers, happier.

Building Materials

Building materials are one of the most common types of freight moved regularly throughout South Africa. Building materials refer to any material used for construction purposes. Examples of building materials commonly moved are bricks, insulation, concrete panels, steel, metal, roofing materials, drywall, timber and glass, as well as many other naturally occurring and man-made materials.

Depending on the type of building material and the distance to be travelled -whether it’s local freight or provincial transport – will decide what type of truck and trailer will be used for transport.

Efficient and Safe Transport

Your building and construction materials must be transported efficiently AND safely – whether it is a short trip or a long-distance journey. Choosing your transport provider who will not only deliver your materials on time but also without damage is a must.

RT Transport is a freight service with highly experienced staff who understand the requirements to safely transport building and construction materials. RT Transport can find the most economical trucking rate for your job, offer free consultation and ensure only quality, competent transport operators are used to move your materials.

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