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In the early 1990s, a scientist studying the active agent in Aloe vera knew he’d made a ground-breaking discovery. His findings concluded the gel in the Aloe plant, revered for centuries for its health and beauty benefits, contained the long-chain polysaccharide mannose. When it comes to nutrition, polysaccharides play an enormous role in the function of the human body.*

The scientist began imagining the immense possibilities for Aloe as a means to improve our health and nutrition — and he was right. He worked to isolate mannose, the key polysaccharide which sets Aloe apart from other plants, and developed the compound Acemannan.

Acemannan provides far more than just energy — it helps support the immune system and digestion, helps improve cognitive function and mood and provides important nutrients to support our overall health and well-being in significant ways.*

The scientist revealed his findings to business leaders who recognized the enormous health benefits of Acemannan, and they formed Mannatech — to harness the vast healing powers of Aloe.* Investing millions in research and development, Mannatech secured the rights to the perfected, proprietary formula for Manapol® powder, a product containing 100% Acemannan, as the basis for many products.


Safe, Natural and Innovative


Give your body the natural support it deserves

Focus on your overall wellness with products that contain natural and plant-sourced specialized nutrients that supplement the body, mind and spirit to help keep you healthy.


Natural solutions for your specific needs

Give your body an extra edge with these products designed to target specific areas and provide additional nutrients that help support body system health.†


Daily essentials + the power of Glyconutrients

Our Essentials line adds the powerful benefits of Glyconutrients† to competitively priced products with wide appeal.


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Get fit and lose fat with our products that are formulated to help you go that extra mile—and look amazing doing it.†


See how naturally beautiful your skin can be

Our skincare products combine the finest natural ingredients with the most advanced technologies for healthy, happy skin.


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