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53 Koedoe St, Hoedspruit, ,South Africa
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Leading Edge Flight School began training in 1995.  The school relocated to Hoedspruit, South Africa, during January 2002. There are two full-time instructors available 365 days a year.  The school offers training and flying safaris in Hoedspruit.


The school is registered with the South African Civil Aviation Authority (ATO No. CAA/0141).   Pilots have to become members of the Microlight Association of South Africa (MISASA) and the Aeroclub of South Africa (AeCSA).


The school offers training towards the National Pilot License (NPL) and the Private Pilot License (PPL).

  1. The National Pilot Licence can be obtained in three categories:

Weight Shift Microlight – on your own trike

Conventionally Controlled Microlight – on the Bantam

Light Sport Aeroplane – on the Jabiru J170

Gyroplane – on the RAF2000

  1. The Private Pilot Licence


Air Experience flights are offered to allow you to experience flying in the world’s most amazing three axis microlight known as the BANTAM.  Flights of 20 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes are available.  Enjoy the flight in the amazing Bantam with an option to feel the freedom of flight. The 180° panoramic view makes you feel as free as a bird. You can have the opportunity to have a hands on experience if you wish so. These flights are done under the school and are regarded as instructional flights and can be used as your first introductory flight should you wish to proceed with a licence. Enquire on our website for current prices.


Leading Edge Flying School does not hold their own passenger liability insurance.

Below is a good travel insurance which will cover you for all adventure sports you might partake in while you are on holiday in South African.


So you have decided to obtain your pilot’s licence and begin your journey of flight.  You probably have many questions.  A few frequently asked questions are below.  Continue reading and most of your questions will be answered.  If we don’t, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can give you the correct answers to your questions.

  • How do the different licences work?
  • What is entailed when learning to fly these different aircraft?
  • Do I have to do it full time or can I do it part time?
  • Which licence is for me?

 To begin answering these questions you first need to answer the following question: What do I want to do once I have my licence?

Not sure? Download more information about our different licence options below.

Conventional Controlled Microlight (CCM) Pilot Licence

Light Sport Pilot Licence

Private Pilot Licence

The minimum age requirement is 17 years for all licences.

Training can be done full time or part time. The time required will depend on the licence you choose and whether you are going to do it part time or full time. You will be required to get a radio licence which can be obtained in Hoedspruit and to have done a flying medical, which can be obtained nearby.

BBThe Comparison






Aircraft used





Hours required for the licence (minimum)

15 solo 10 dual

15 solo 10 dual

15 solo 20 dual

15 solo 30 dual

Please look above to download the applicable information or email us for a quote.

Remember to request which option you are interested in.


All aircraft will be available for hire and fly after completion of the licence.


Our aircraft are not insured and you will be charged an annual fee per pilot. This is not aircraft specific so you will be able to use it when flying any of our aircraft. This costs R1500 per annum.  

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Hoedspruit Bed & Breakfast Accommodation

There are many options for bed and breakfast accommodation in the Hoedspruit surroundings.

We can arrange self-catering accommodation in wooden cabins.  Contact us for further information.

You can also go to the following for further accommodation options:





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