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Nelspruit, ,South Africa
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Mobile Diagnostics & Software are a mobile vehicle diagnostic and performance service. Our aim is to help you get the most out of your vehicle. We are mobile so we come to you!

Whether you’re a mechanic, car owner or simply want to know why that engine light keeps coming on, Mobile Diagnostics & Software has the latest diagnostic technology and equipment to find the problems for you.

Diagnostic Testing?

A car diagnostic test or vehicle health check, uses manufacturer computer software to find the problem areas in your car quickly and efficiently.

Using a diagnostic report, we will know exactly where to focus our attention when fixing your car, reducing repair times and getting you back on the road fast.

Mobile Diagnostics & Software tests can detect issues with a vehicles engine, transmission, exhaust system, brakes and more.

How can Mobile Diagnostics & Software improve your vehicle’s performance?

Unleash your cars full power with Mobile Diagnostics & Software.

Our technology can remap your car to get it performing at its best. The remapping process means we make software adjustments to your vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to improve the manufacturer’s factory settings, specific for South African geographical location and climate.

The result, we can get your vehicle back peak performance and fuel efficiency.

Looking to improve your vehicles performance?

Our software has proven over time that we can offer our customers reliability and efficiency, giving significant gains in power and force. We also believe in safe tuning - that’s why our customers come back time and time again.

Want a more economic car?

Mobile Diagnostics & Software is skilled in safely giving your vehicle optimal power and performance whilst generating peak fuel efficiency. We service most brands of cars, trucks, bikes, heavy vehicles.


Mobile Diagnostics & Software offers a range of performance services to suit the needs of you and your vehicle.

We also do mobile mechanical repairs.

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