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Johannesburg, ,South Africa
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Welcome to Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd

Infinity Tanks (Pty) Ltd is committed to saving our most precious resource through firstly reducing waste when water is used and then harvesting rainwater, greywater and storing fresh water for use inside or outside your home or office

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Smart Solutions for Water Conservation


One of the first steps to conserve water is to reduce waste


Harvest rainwater for first use instead of municipal water


Re-use greywater and pool backwash water for example


Maintain rain, borehole and municipal water backups


Supply & Installation


  • 2,000l Thintank
  • Ecogator Greywater System
  • Ecogator Backfeed / Filtration System
  • Ecogator Rainwater Sump
  • Ecogator Pool Backwash System
  • Ecogator Pump Cover
  • Ecogator – Other Products
  • Installation
  • Blumat Automatic Plant Watering System
  • Probac Biological Cleaning Products

See Documents for more information.

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