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Nelspruit, ,South Africa
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Local inhabitants of the Cederberg region first discovered that Rooibos leaves can be brewed as a refreshing drink, more than 300 years ago. They would use axes to harvest the plant and then bruise the leaves with hammers, before leaving them to ferment and later dry in the sun. Today the harvesting and processing of this indigenous herb is done in much the same way, only using more advanced equipment.

In the 1980’s Japanese and American scientists found a powerful and stable antioxidant called superoxide dismutase in Rooibos tea. In 1995 Infruitec, a South African research company, as well as Dr Charlene Marais of the University of the Free State, found and verified that Rooibos tea did indeed have the following properties:

  • Anti-allergenic
  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-viral
  • Anti-spasmodic
  • Anti-ageing
  • Contains no caffeine
  • Low tannin from pure Rooibos leaves


  • Annique - Health and Beauty - Has a range of products for a Healthy Lifestyle. Forever Healthy - is the optimum balance between science and nature.
  • Annique has an excellent range of Health and Wellness products in the form of Vitamins and Minerals and Weight Management Programmes to ensure that you live a healthy and happy lifestyle.
  • The Annique Skincare range is vast - it caters for all skins - for example - Youth Restoration; Treatments and Serums; Dry and Mature Skin, Normal and Combination Skin; Oily Skin and Problem and Young Skin.
  • With our South African sun and skins - we've made sure that our Sun Care range is of the highest quality affording all skins the protection that they need from our harsh African sun!
  • We haven't forgotten the men - our Men's Skin Elements Range is just what he metro man would want for himself - not too fussy and not too involved - AND it works wonders.
  • There's the body luxury products - who can resist our delightful body lotion, wash, soap, roll-on, body cream and hand cream.
  • Our baby's get the best of them all - in that we're giving them body lotions, shampoos, baby baths, Baby Rooibos tea, soaps, fabric softeners and fabric detergent... and we have a baby sun screen.
  • You don't need a shop bought first aid kit - you just need this range - the Resque Range - Resque Creme; Mist; Zero Ache and Hair Nutrition - will cover you for bites, stings, aches, pains, sores and cramps.
  • And then we have the Lifestyle ranges which covers Cellulite treatment, Repairing Body Cream, Toning Treatment and Lifestyle Shakes and Slimming Health capsules.
  • Best of all - we have an excellent range of Rooibos, Herbal therapy teas - for relief from stomach problems, sleeping concerns, anxiety issues, cleanings and clearing. Our teas work wonders for all!
  • We also have a great range of foundations and make-up treats for our ladies.

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