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36 Brander Street, Nelspruit Extension, Nelspruit, Nelspruit, ,South Africa
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NCF was established in 2004 in response to the many people living on and from the streets of Nelspruit. Included are men and women, boys and girls, black and white, educated and not educated. Many faith communities and businesses were busy caring for these “jewels” in different ways. Knowing that a collective and central service point will benefit the society in broad; NCF started operations.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a highly effective, specialised people-caring organisation, facilitating the participation of all relevant stakeholders in the community, based on Christian principles and teaching.

Our Mission

Our mission is to demonstrate the heart of God by providing meaningful interventions amongst the marginalised and destitute, assisting them to become functional members of society.

We are a member of the Mpumalanga Leadership Foundation (MLF). The MLF aims to strengthen the movement of churches, communities and programmes with capacity, resource development, communication and marketing, and spiritual nurture. It is committed to recognizing potential, developing leadership, identifying needs and developing resources and being an umbrella body for grass-root organisations to develop towards their full potential.

We care for our community by focusing on two functions: first and most important is the marginalized and destitute (Individual specialized services) and then our ever supporting community and like-minded organizations (Community specialized services).

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Individual Specialized Services

Providing for:

  • Basic human needs – shelter, food and clothing.
  • Psycho – social needs – personal development, , counseling
  • Practical life skills and needs – medical, hygiene, life-skills
  • Individual spiritual needs – Spiritual reconciliation, prayer support, devotional meetings.
  • Personal development – mentoring, conflict, emotional and financial management.
  • Opportunities for obtaining basic work skills and training – Artisan, soft-skills, computer literacy skills
  • Facilitation of job opportunities – Distribute CV’s

Every human as a basic need for shelter, food and clothing...

Community Specialized Services

  • Raising awareness in the church, business, education and wider community regarding the needs of the marginalized and the destitute.
  • Establishing informed relationships with the above stakeholders with the aim of facilitating their involvement.
  • Creating a platform from which all people can become involved.
  • Developing capacity in grass-roots organizations involved in service to people.
  • Providing adequate and accurate reporting and feedback to all stakeholders.
  • Distribute material resources received for the benefit of the wider community. (Being a material resource centre for the community)
  • Facilitating the response of those who have benefited through Nelspruit Community Forum to give back through service to the community.

We work towards providing the following activities and services for those less fortunate in our community:

  • Daily Tea/Coffee, bread and lunch – six days per week
  • Weekly food parcels to needy families
  • On Sundays we have a full Christian Church Service – guests of honour are the Homeless.
  • Personal Hygiene Facility – Showers & Laundromat
  • Bible study
  • Needs assessments
  • Counselling
  • Primary Health Services & referrals to specialized care giving facilities
  • Referral to specialized institutions and treatment facilities dealing with rehabilitation
  • Placing in Shelter / Safe Houses with the aid of Child Welfare and others
  • Empowerment eg. Life skills training & anger Management
  • Basic Literacy – ABET
  • Assistance with ID`s (NCF pay all costs for first application)
  • Accommodation – seeking accommodation for members of our community
  • Mentoring – Ongoing emotional, spiritual and personal support
  • Weekly street outreach
  • Women and girls at-risk
  • HIV/AIDS awareness & treatment
  • Registration of these informal job-seekers
  • Empowering men and women
  • Social empowerment
  • Seeking fair work opportunities
  • Providing reliable, equipped and referred labour
  • Interview preparation

There are many ways that you can help us to help our community, here are a few ideas of things of things that we are always in need of:

  • Food and other supplies: dry food, canned food, cleaning materials and kitchen equipment
  • Bath towels, facecloths and soap
  • Washing powder
  • Literacy education material
  • Blankets and clothing
  • Your time for mentoring and interview preparation
  • Your network: Help us find jobs
  • Writing paper and pens
  • Monetary donations

We would like to thank all of our donors and partners for their continued support! We receive support from church and faith communities, business communities, schools and other social welfare projects.

We would also like to thank our volunteers for their assistance, without whom our many projects and commitments to helping our community would not be possible.


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