Flying for Rhino and Conservation

Hanger 23, Hoedspruit Civil Airfield, Hoedspruit 1380, Hoedspruit, 1380 ,South Africa
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In response to the poaching crisis faced by our country, Flying for Rhino and Conservation was started in 2013 to provide air support over the conservation areas that harbor our rhino.

Aerial surveillance forms a key part of the fight against animal poaching in our vast national parks and conservation areas, but the high running cost of traditional aeroplanes and helicopters means that they can not always be used efficiently.

Flying for Rhino and Conservation has found a workable solution to this problem. Through the use of a Light Sport Aircraft called a Bat Hawk, we are able to provide air support for extended periods of time due to the Bat Hawk’s low running cost.

Flying for Rhino and Conservation’s support is not exclusively for the rhino anti-poaching teams. We offer air support for the conservation of all endangered wildlife including lion, leopard, elephant and even our indigenous flora.


Flying for Rhino and Conservation is a non-profit organisation (NPO) that was started by a group of dedicated pilots and conservationists who realised that our wildlife is under siege due to the increase in demand for animal parts such as rhino horn, elephant tusks, lion and leopard bones as well as numerous varieties of flora species.

Our experience in the industry has enabled us to realise the vital role that aerial surveillance plays in the fight against animal poaching, not only in the location of animals, but also in the tracking and apprehension of poachers. Through the use of a Bat Hawk (Light Sport Aircraft), we are able to patrol over key areas for between four to five hours a day, giving us a very workable solution to the high running cost of traditional aeroplanes and helicopters.

Over the past two years and the thousands of hours in flying time, we have had great success using the proudly South African built Bat Hawk to protect our wildlife from above.


With the experience acquired, the donors have put the Flying for Rhino and Conservation Trust together to perform the role of acquiring funding from further donors to purchase more aircraft, train pilots and technicians, maintain aeroplanes and support anti-poaching and conservation units within their area of deployment and need.

It is our vision to acquire funding and ensure that all the funding goes directly into the support of training, flying and maintenance of these aircraft being used for conservation and animal protection in the field of anti-poaching.



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